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Scientific developments leading to
Mane Biotech’s hair loss solution

The exciting invention by Dr Carlos Chacón of a method that allows for studies on hair follicle stem cell fate leads to a deepening understanding of stem cells and their regenerative abilities.

17 January 2017

Dr Carlos Chacón & colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, file a patent on a Hair Follicle Stem Cell (HFSC) culture system that furthers the field of regenerative science.

“The model implemented has the potential to become a valuable platform to discover novel mechanisms controlling HFSC functions and potentially other epithelial SCs and can in addition be utilized for drug screening.”

17 January 2017

Chacon_EMBO J_stem cells microscopy.png

“Growing hair follicle stem cells with our method is likely to have important implications in regenerative medicine. Modern medicine is already able to grow and transplant skin, but this is hairless. Maybe we could help bald men to regrow hair"says Chacón.

A deepening understanding of the use of this new method of study.

19 December 2016


A team of researchers discover a mechanism that prevents hair loss: hair follicle stem cells are the key.

28 September 2020


Scientists discover factors that control hair follicle stem cell fate reversibility and long-term maintenance of the hair follicle.

6 October 2020


‘Hair loss might be prevented by regulating stem cell metabolism’. ScienceDaily features breaking news about the latest discoveries in science

13 October 2020


New findings identify how changes in hair stem cells' micro-environment control the age-related decline in their regenerative abilities. - Nature Cell Biology publishes papers of the highest quality from all areas of cell biology

8 July 2021


An international team of researchers from the Universities of Cologne and Helsinki and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing have discovered that the ability of stem cells to proliferate and renew organs is regulated by the stiffness of the surrounding tissue. This finding may have implications for improving the regeneration of aged tissue.

8 July 2021


Dr Carlos Chacón authors a literature review on the study of the signalling that calls stem cells into action to regenerate damaged tissue - Signalling in the stem cell niche: regulating cell fate, function and plasticity

1 August 2018


Journal of Cell science publishes co-authored article of Dr Carlos Chacón’s research into stem cell fate

1 May 2021


Dr Carlos Chacón’s research continues to be picked up by the scientific world. Carlos co-authored this article on the identification of a key regulator of sebaceous gland homeostasis.

14 April 2021

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