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We are using regenerative

medicine to combat hair loss

The unexplored potential of the

human body

Our body displays a remarkable ability to maintain, heal and regenerate tissues.


For example, our gut lining renews every 3 days, skin wounds heal in 4-7 days and

our hair grows 1 cm every month.


These extraordinary feats of biology are possible thanks to adult stem cells.

Mane Biotech is unlocking the full regenerative potential of the human body

to grow hair.


Science-driven innovation

Inspired by over 18 years of research experience in regenerative medicine, software and engineering, we are developing an innovative solution that reactivates hair regrowth and stops hair loss by restoring the body’s ability to regrow hair in people with       common hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) 


Mane Biotech's hair loss solution
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Stop hair loss

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Hair regrowth



Dr. Carlos Chacón-Martínez

Bringing a wealth of regenerative medicine and hair stem cell knowledge to the founder team, Carlos conducted cutting-edge research at Ghent University, the TU Dresden and Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, before pursuing entrepreneurial ventures
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Emil Aliev

Complementing the founder team with his commercial & financial background, Emil successfully worked on several transactions within investment banking, scaled his family venture & underwent a management trainee program with a leading consumer products firm
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Dr. Azar

Hair surgery

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Prof. Dr. Niessen

Skin biology

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